EXID are preparing to break into the overseas market? | http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/exid-are-preparing-to-break-into-the-overseas-market

EXID are preparing to break into the overseas market?

Trending girl group EXID might now be preparing to hit the overseas market!

EXID for Mizuno Korea

EXID’s sporty pictorial with Mizuno Korea revealed both a sexy yet healthy image of the group. On March Mizuno Korea announced that they assigned EXID,

EXID - Mizuno Korea Pictorial

EXID Show Off Their Healthy Beauty in Summery Mizuno Korea Pictorial


EXID Selects Member Best at Reality Shows and Discuss Junghwa's Nickname


EXID release making of sexy ice cream CF

EXID Endorses Mizuno Korea in Sexy Photo Shoot | Koogle TV

The girls of EXID are looking like California beach girls, looking great, better than great actually, in surf wear for 'Mizuno Korea'!

EXID for Mizuno Korea

On March sports brand 'Mizuno' released some drop-dead gorgeous pictures of the trendy EXID members!