Nunca tenha medo de chegar e tomar posse das promessas de Deus, mesmo quando parece que você nunca vai alcançá-lo

Never be afraid to reach out to your head and take that cloud and put it into the sky, there where you can see it fade and shrink, laugh at how big it once had seemed.

Imagem de pink, sunset, and car

Observation Introduction Westbrook was born in Long Beach, CA, but later moved to Los Angeles. Growing up, he dreamed of playing basketball for the University of California Los Angeles. Westbrook spent most of his childhood and early life in LA.

ERA DA PAZ - tudo para promover a Paz no Mundo: Educa

***GIF*** Reflection causes circular rainbow! Really beautiful reflection of the rainbow which appears to be a circle!

Angel Wings Art Print Colorful Watercolor Painting por Thenobleowl

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