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10 Proyectos chic que puedes realizar con cemento

Percheros trabajo libre en mosaico

Recipe for Chalk Paint Furniture - This really makes the paint adhere to stained wood without sanding!

esos viejos cajones que vas a tirar, transformalos en percheros orginales..

check out this coat hanger, made out of old cabinet doors, repurposing upcycling, this is the final product I love the color and the use of vintage door knobs as hooks

Toilet Covers Ideas

Toilet Covers Ideas

Pumpkin Toilet Cover Crochet Pattern ~ easy level ~ fits most standard toilets - kleenex cover is for square tissue boxes ~ CROCHET

Pink DIY Easter Basket Tutorial - 10 Egg-straordinary DIY Easter Baskets to Have a Joyous Holiday Time

DIY Easter Baskets I did this back in 1990 with my sons Cub Scout Pack. Now I will do it with my grandchildren I bought my crochet string at thrift stores in bundles.

origami en el papel de baño para sorprender a las visitas

I'm totally doing this in other peoples bathrooms. It would be hilarious. this going to be my new hidden talent. Toilet Paper Origami Book Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart England - wouldn't it be fun to do this at a friends house on the sly just for fun?