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Your summer could look like this...
Why sit inside all summer when you can spend your summer as a nanny and it could look like :sparkles:this:sparkles:? Head to the link for all the details on working as a nanny this summer.
Improving your caregiver profile
Calling all caregivers! Follow these 3 easy tips and tricks to help boost your profile, match with more families, and increase your changes of getting hired.
Amplifying Your Caregiver Brand
Show up as your best self for families looking to hire caregivers with these expert tips and tricks. These small changes can have a huge impact, so we’re spilling all the details to help you book more work and have a great experience with Care. Watch now!
12 child care training courses and certifications that will boost your career
When it comes to hiring a sitter for their family, 66% of parents said certifications are ❗ required ❗ Sitters and nannies, head to the link for 12 child care training courses and certifications that will boost your career — and help you earn more money.
Maximizing your Earning Potential
Want to maximize your opportunities to make money? 💰 These simple tips and tricks will help you make the most of your Care experience. There are so many types of work available on Care — branch out, use your skills, and earn more!
the new year, new job flowchap is shown in this graphic diagram from care
New Year, New Job Flowchart
Are you ready to expand your business and earn more money in 2024? Go with the flow to see if exploring other types of care is right for you! Follow these simple steps to add a new offering to your profile: 1. Open the app 2. Go to your profile 3. Edit your profile 4. Select services provided 5. Add new service profile(s)!
To caregivers everywhere, thank you
You're more than a caregiver — you're family. Thank you. Search for senior companionship on and book short-term & long-term care.
Thank you caregivers
Caregivers, you step forward when we need to step back — and we can’t thank you enough. Find a sitter through and create more opportunities to catch up or recharge.
You're more than a caregiver
From loved ones everywhere: thank you, caregivers. Your helping hands and warm smiles give us the breath of fresh air we need. Find meaningful work helping seniors with companionship, meal prep, running errands and more on today.
Caregivers, we couldn’t do it without you
Thank you, caregivers, for putting smiles on the faces of the ones we love, helping us worry less while at work, and giving us time to recharge at night. Need help? Whether it's short-term, long-term, or something in-between, find it on Care.
To everyone who's cared for our children...
Caregivers, you step up when we need to step back, and we can't thank you enough. Help families grow & thrive. Accept a childcare job on
Whats to show care this season
Dear caregivers: thank you. We couldn’t do it without you. Learn more about meaningful work that matters at
What do you wish people knew about being a nanny?
And that’s that on that! 🎤👇 Send this to the nannies and moms in your life.
#1 Tantrum Tip
Tantrums aren’t fun for anyone, and no one knows this better than sitters. Kim reminds us to take a deep breath and be patient. What’s your #1 tip for stopping tantrums in their tracks?
What's your favorite rainy day activity?
Rain, rain, it’s OKAY! ☔ Pros can’t be stopped by a bit of rain. What are your fave things to do when the weather outside is frightful?