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Dona Vitamina | São Paulo | Outside view

I know this is more of a cafe, but it communicates the 'taking the inside, outside' community vibe I would love to generate in and around the sheds.

Cool idea for a "bar/basement". I'm probably not going to go this far but this is pretty awesome. Might be cute on the top of an old table to repurpose it.. Or maybe on the top of a bar surface instead of the floor. [ do you set the caps in 'thin set', 'pour floor' or tile adhesive? Whether on a floor or table top I might use that high gloss self-leveling resin on top to make it easier to clean ]

Dude Craft: Beer Cap Bathroom Floor Ellis Boylan this is something you need to do. I actually like this idea with bottle caps on the floor who thinks of these things! For Lucas's man cave.