Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

) - Convention - Use of the color pink, which has been associated with the female sex for decades, to draw attention to a message for women and girls.

Absolut Vodka: Absolut Nights

Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #152

Ad for Absolut vodka indicating night life- woman dancing in club, navy blue dress. Exposed back shows shape of Absolut bottle. Gives impression that Absolut nights are fun, sexy and exciting

합성 폰

Key visuals to launch the new iPhone 6 case, which accompanied the LifeProof booth during CES Conference in Las Vegas.

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Heinz ketchup poster - in this poster, designer put the stalk of tomato on top of the ketchup bottle to represent tomato. Designer used just two elements(ketchup bottle and tomato top) but now it show new aspect from that. It's simple but smart.

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