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Carlos Nascimento

Carlos Nascimento
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Velocity Rails

Introducing the new name in exo excitement - Velocity Rails. Denver Colorado tube chassis car company is making some head way. What do you think?

This is the Velocity Exo-Contour. It is a mid-engine tube-frame track-day special that weighs less than a Miata. It is powered by a liter VW Passat mated to a slushbox automatic.

x-bow_ This is why I looooooove KTM!!!

this is a idea who its main goal is to bring ATV vehicles a more aesthethic appearance, improving weight and stability.

Fast Attack Vehicle for the  have served in the US Army and various American Special Forces units.

Chenowth Racing Products - “Armed Dune Buggies” Since the development of the Fast Attack Vehicle for the Army’s High Technology Light Division in the various models of highly-modified Chenowth have served in the US Army and various American.

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