Qigong meditation

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Dalai Lama Motivational Quotes

The most comprehensive books on Buddhism written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama with precious teachings and advises for Buddhist practitioners and lay people.

Life, Death and the Afterlife

How to Live Dream Reality! Law of Attraction, Energy Vibration, Mind Focus, Affirmations, Intuition, Subconscious, Dream Messages, Spiritual Guidance.

Professional Decluttering Services | The Clearing Concept

Professional Decluttering Services - Drowning in mess and struggling to cope? We are here to help you sort out your life... one room at a time.

Buddha quote

What is Metta? Metta is an attitude of recognizing that every one sentient beings (that is, all beings that are capable of feeling), can feel good or feel bad, which all, given the selection, will choose the previous over the latter. Metta is empathy. It’s the willingness to determine the earth from another’s point of view: to steer a mile in another person’s shoes. Metta for World Peace. What is Buddhism? here you are going to learn about Buddhism the philosophy of life

Rescue Yourself

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