Grampo para auxiliar na montagem de nichos, gavetas e afins.

Neat corner clamps - I can't find where this image links to, but it appears pretty easy to make

Camp shower made with pvc pipes. Hang camp shower bladder on the tall pole at the top.

Camp shower made with pvc pipes. Hang camp shower bladder on the tall pole at the top.

Cadeira de rodas PVC Praia

Ideas move the world Materials: PVC pipes, connections, wheels of ball and fabric, make up this team

Here's one man showing off his creativity with plumbing supplies. If you've ever gone into a kayak store and seen how little $1500 will buy you, you might just find yourself motivated to make one of these!  It looks easy enough, and you've gotta figure that if PVC cement can keep water in the pipes, it can certainly keep water out too!  The connection in the rear keeps the pipes at an adequate distance apart.  The cross member forward of the midsection is a foot rest, and notice the 45…

If you have fifty dollars burning a hole in your pocket and need a new boat, you could make this DIY kayak out of PVC plumbing material.

Très beau pour des petites plantes avec de beaux pots.

DIY Plant Stand ideas - Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space?

Telefoonhouder gemaakt van eikenhout. Scrollsawed van de hand. Pyrografy ontwerp. Geschikt voor grotere telefoons en tabletten.

CAT phone holder \ Desk phone holder \ Tablet holder

Hölzerne Lampe-Holz Design-Vintage Edison von ZuccheSgusciate

34 wood lamps that look so nice you will want to DIY immediately. Any piece of wood can be used to add personality to a room and emphasize your unique style and we love this material for lighting.


This wooden boat can go! Just twist the rubber band, set it in the water and watch it go. A terrific toy boat for bath time or a day at the lake.