Practice numbers and counting 1-5 with this free pumpkin worksheet.  Good fall and harvest printable for preschool and Kindergarten.

Practice numbers and counting with this free pumpkin worksheet. Good fall and harvest printable for preschool and Kindergarten. This free page comes from my Pumpkin Numbers Packet Get the entir…

Spring Preschool Patterns Worksheets

March Preschool Worksheets

Could you use some easy, ready to use March Preschool Worksheets? These are no prep, with adorable spring and St.

thanksgiving day worksheets

Roll a die and color the turkey! This could work with other holidays as well. Roll of the die to make a monster mouth/eyes/nose for Halloween face; roll of a die to make a face on a Chrisrmas tree shape, etc.

FREE December Preschool Worksheet - Same or Different.

December Preschool Worksheets

Adorable December Preschool Worksheets to make your lesson plans easier and help you get through the holiday season. So many fun preschool activities.

November Kindergarten Worksheets - Same or Different.

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November

Color by Letter Preschool Worksheet for February

February Preschool Worksheets

Adorable February Preschool Worksheets in a fun Valentine's Theme. Check them out and print your FREE preschool worksheet today.

Preschool Back to School Worksheets - Cut and Paste Patterns.

Back to School Preschool Worksheets

math given scissors students Cut and Paste and count Patterns given patterns students can count them and do simple math to develop mathematical skills

October Preschool Worksheets - Same or Different.

October Preschool Worksheets

Make October Magical with these adorable October Preschool Worksheets - Fun Halloween themes to practice counting, alphabet letters, and much more.

April Preschool Worksheets - Same or Different

Spring Preschool Worksheets

Could you use some help at the end of the school year? Get these ready to go Spring Preschool Worksheets filled with fun activities and cute pictures.