Smokey cat eye makeup

Beautiful dramatic evening eye makeup idea for brown eyes finished with a pair of real mink eyelashes. CAUTION: avoid mascara on real mink eyelashes as to prolong their life span.

bronze eyes/wine lip

I love lipsticks and I love wine, so of course I love wine lips ; But seriously, I love a wine lip. In the summer, I don’t wear too much makeup, so I love to really go all out with my makeup come fall. You can be sure to see me rocking a wine lip …

I love this hue color on her eyes AND the orange lippie. This is a must try! - Whitney xO

Orange you glad it's the weekend 😝 Melted "Coral" on the lips 🍊 by on the eyes "Chantelle" doubled use //code:amrezy// for discount 😉 Necklace ✨

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