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pedrinhas na parede da TV

Stone walls make a gorgeous feature in the home. I love this colour of stone, adds depth and texture to the room without making the room look smaller. I would have a softer lighting effect around the tv also

Neste natal, use e abuse das velas, busquei várias sugestões pra vc enfeitar um cantinho ou a mesa de natal, vejam que opções bacanas!      ...

Be inspired by things around you to make these beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces with these easy ideas, since your holiday table just isn't complete without a lovely Thanksgiving DIY focal point.

Arquitetura, design, decoração, paisagismo e 'otras cositas mas'. O Feito Casulo ainda aborda gastronomia e moda, afinal, difícil não relacionar tais temas ao cenário décor

Candles hold the top spot on the list when shopping for Christmas. After all, what is a Christmas theme without candle decoration? Candles create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house, which we most of us need in the