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D.O. : Freshman Year vs. Senior Year omygawd is this real, DO senior

Why is kyungsoo sooooooooooooooo adorable? I need to be loyal to my biases .because I'm already having 3 in exo

This is EXO

keke well i have for the other four members~ keke BaekYeol looks like derps then Suho is looking like an old man abit and Xiumin is being. Xiumin kekeke fangulls please enjoy this picture cuz this is just gold~! <---- so true

Oh lord XD #kris #sehun #baekhyun #exo

Kris cannot let sunlight touch him, Sehun hates the service, and Baek must look fab always. I present you to the EXO divas.

7 idiots who ruined my life - Google Search

While KaiSoo share a very loving relationship, ChanSoo is a very violent, errr, I mean errr, yeah its really violent haha poor chanyeol

Poor Kyungsoo :( ♥♥♥♥♥

Kyungsoo - He sounds like the Korean, male version of me. Lay and Chanyeol are my opposites. And Baekhyun. The most perverted member. Oooo that makes me thirsty.