Kassandra | Carta da parati degli anni 70


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Pelias | Carta da parati degli anni 70


Eco Dimensions 8101 we love this soft mix of greens to bring a calm, soothing yet interesting background.



The intertwined floral and geometric elements in various-sized circles are reminiscent of an Indian henna design.



This highly contemporary retro design in grey-beige and orange reminds us of days gone by. The fine surface structure is protected by a vinyl coati.

Angus | Carta da parati degli anni 70


The coral-red retro ornaments are arranged in waves, creating a three-dimensional effect. The vinyl coating protects a delicate, tactile structure.

Tinta Lousa Wallpaper | Carta da parati degli anni 70

Tinta Lousa Wallpaper

This wallpaper is designed to allow drawing and scribbling on with chalks or chalk markers. The wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp sponge or clot.



Retro elements in orange and brown set the tone in this stunning wallpaper. The Sinon model stands for the zeitgeist of the and makes us dream .

Stones | Carta da parati degli anni 70


Layered Dry Stone Wall Brick/Wood Effect Wallpaper Absolutely Stunning Realistic Dry Stone Wall Brick Effect Feature Wall Wallpaper A.S Creation Wallpaper Heavyweight Vinyl Satin Wallcovering Washable German Quality Roll length width

Vale | Carta da parati degli anni 70


The lush green banana plants exude the inimitable flair of the tropics. The leaves are incredibly life-like and turn your home into a paradisical g.