VW Bus Hot Rod...

It said "VW Camper concept powered by custom chopper motorcycle by Amen Design & Engineering." I don't know of any motorcycle engine with enough power to push this big thing around. Looks like something the Shredder r Darth Vader would own.

Frankenstien's monster.   BETCHA YOU DONT NEED A HEATER IN THIS VAN !

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Donkervoort D8 GTO

Donkervoort on

Donkervoort GTO begins acceleration on a trial oval track for professional drivers.

VW Hot Rod :)

amazing hotrod beetle, so much work in this, the front axle is pulled way forward, roof chop and channeled, just imagine how high a standar.

Hell Bug VW volksrod

, meats, wheelie bars, megaphone, go fast Hell Bug VW volksrod .