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a man with his arms crossed wearing a black shirt and bracelets, looking to the side
Fun Fearless Males 2012: Liam Hemsworth
liam hemsworth. so beautiful
a man with no shirt standing in front of a door and looking at the camera
i dont know about anyone else but i think tyler is pretty cute
two shirtless men standing next to each other on the beach with their hands in their pockets
TV Fanatic
ahh alex pettyfer and channing tatum as male strippers? i approve
a shirtless man with no shirt on is standing by the fence and looking at the camera
Welcome to My Blog!
Lord have MERCY!
a man in a blue hoodie posing for the camera
Liam Hensworth<3
a black and white photo of a man with his hand on his chin
Liam Hemsworth
a man with an american flag tattoo on his arm and chest sitting in the woods
a black and white photo of a young man with long hair wearing a leather jacket
Simbafollicle Syndrome: Unnatural attraction to Jared’s lion mane of hair.
a shirtless man holding a baseball glove and ball
Private Site
i'll be your ball catcher ;)
two black and white photos of a man with short hair, wearing a plaid shirt
And God said, "Let there be the Hemsworth brothers". Amen.
a black and white photo of a man with his arms crossed
Evening Eye Candy: Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gossling Wonderful in "The Notebook"
the real reason women love christian grey has abs and women are homodogs
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a shirtless man with his hands behind his head
Sexy :)