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Equine Conformation Chart

The Equine Conformation Anatomy Chart includes detailed graphics of a horse's conformation, including front and hind leg, hoof, and hip anatomy.

We continue to add to Horse Side Vet Guide almost every day, and those of you with the app continue to have a resource that gets better and better! We just added this image to QUICK REFERENCE. That means that it is always on your phone, with or without Internet, for easy reference! This image shows you the most important muscular and tendinous structure of the horse's leg, when viewed from the side. I hope you find it useful. - Dr. Thal DVM DABVP, creator of HSVG

Horse Side Vet Guide® was originally created as a mobile application. We thought pretty hard about how to provide you with helpful information "horse side" -


This is the inside of a horses hoof, obviously. If you have a horse, want a horse, or want to become a Vet you should know everything about these big glorious animals.

Don't Be Stopped By A Stifle Injury | The Chronicle of the Horse

Identifying the exact source of trouble in the stifle may not be a simple process. If you know that your horse has been kicked or has hit a fence hard on cross-country, diagnosing a stifle problem shouldn’t be a problem. But stifle injuries may in.