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three children are sitting on a ledge watching a cow in a barn with buckets
How to Train a Heifer to Become a Family Milk Cow • The Prairie Homestead
the floor is dirty and needs to be cleaned
two horse stalls in the middle of a field
a barn with hay stacked on top of it's sides and two red buckets in the background
Is this the Hay Feeder of my dreams?
a barn with hay bales on the grass and a trailer in the foreground
We Built a Haygloo! ⋆ 5 Dog Farm
a dog house made out of pallets with a ramp to the top and bottom
a horse pen in the middle of a grassy field
RAMM Flex Fence Round Pen - Your Horse Farm Blog
a dog that is under a towel with the caption homemade dog shampoo safe for puppies and kills fleas
🐶 Homemade Pet Shampoo 🛁 Kills Fleas Naturally! 🐜
a small white goat standing in hay next to a wooden structure with grass covering it's sides
an empty shed in the middle of a field with grass and dirt on the ground
Pole Barn Built With Corrugated Flooring Panels