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black and white photograph of a man wearing a baseball cap with his hands on his head
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several pins are placed on a map to indicate where they are going in the world
Blush Push Pin Map - Designed by Map Republic
Amazing how changing the pin color can alter the whole mood of the map!
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a ferris wheel at night
three black roses with water droplets on them are shown in this black and white photo
I feel like a Black Rose. been through the roughest storms, but here I am, hauntingly beauiltful. and you'll never forget me. <3
an empty hospital hallway with blue walls and white flooring is seen in this image
The People You Meet on the Third Floor of a Psychiatric Hospital
A heartbreaking, beautiful account of her stay at a psychiatric hospital.
a person holding the hand of another person in a hospital bed with blue sheets on it
Heartland - Season 7, Episode 10 - Amy's injury / Amy in the hospital - Ty and Amy
a hospital room with medical equipment and monitors on the wall, including an iv machine
medical aesthetic | Tumblr
medical aesthetic | Tumblr