Animais e bichos de estimação

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Dog and Cat GPS Pet Tracker - Lifetime Replacement - PawTracker - 2




Zucchini chews dog treats. It's so easy and healthy for your dogs!

❤️ old dog ❤️ Posted in memory of my dear old boy, Avery.

02/23/17-HOUSTON-I found a nice rescuer’s yard and she took me in. I’m only 35 lbs, love kids, and the security of my crate. When would you like to meet me?” Loretta is available for adoption through Animal Justice League.

Aren't I adorable...? Won't you please take me for a ride? Please... please.... I love riding in the wheelbarrow! Look at those eyes... how could anyone say no to this sweet fellow!

Jerry Gadamus Scarlet Sanctuary

REPORT2CIRCLEPAPER - 8 1/2" x 11" Report Card | MBS Communications Veterinary and Pet Care

UPDATE: Current Status Is Unknown. 34570614 located in El Paso, TX, to be destroyed 2/17/2017