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Post with 1541 votes and 680861 views. Shared by RockyHammer. The Artwork of Dragon Racer

What's his name? by magmi

Hello I started my second "Name a character" contest for my web-comic "Dragnarok" and I wanted to post it here so more people will know about it :.

Das a lava lindwworm!!!!

Kiara: Shoots fire ball at Gaiwen. Gaiwen: Counter acts with shadow attack makes picture above creature. Kiara: Oh my Ahimir we made a monster! Gaiwen: YAY we made a monster beothain come see!

Ворчун Куку сердитый по GryAdventures на deviantart

I gotta say this is one of my favorite Kukuris out there and I had fun digital watercoloring him. Grumpy kuku is grumpy