Finir les restes de RibbonXL at L’encre violette

I should be able to crochet some form of this.Finir les restes de RibbonXL at L’encre violette

Crochet in garden

My brain is going now, thinking of planter pot covers. I'm going to start with mine, I have two ugly green plastic pots that would look lovely with a crocheted cream-colored lace cover.

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Vrolijk tulpenveld (Ellebel)

Ellebel: Merry tulip field - not in English, but her link to the original leads to a Red Heart afghan pattern in Engish. REALLY easy pattern, but VERY eye catching!


Les Deux Moulins: Un poco de Trapillo - Trapilho - T-Shirt yarn **brilliant idea for my bathroom-must use stiffener i think** in french

crochet flower pot cover

lace or fabric flower pot covers: plant bedding plants in plastic pots w/ covers for Mother's Day gifts

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