вязание-это круто

вязание-это круто

Тапочки из квадратов. / Вязание крючком / Вязание крючком для начинающих

Домашние тапочки, носки и шапочки

Slippers from squares. / Knitting hook / Knitting by a hook for beginners

Paño crochet                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Note: tippy top loop is NOT a picot, it's chain then dbl cr back into the top of the last triple, then start the next triple crochets.

Pull blanc en crochet manches longues - Schéma de montage

wow crochet top with everything you need to make it! And even if you don't use the motifs to make the top, they make gorgeous doilies.

Lace bedspread square pineapple star ~~

Make motif A to row Make motif A again join with first motif A on row Motif B is done after all motif A's are done.


салфетки крючек

Schéma ou diagramme pour crochet Modèle de pantoufles

Afrikan tähti tossut virkkaus ohje hexagon crochet slippers - make a rectangle the length and the width of your feet and assemble on it 3 of these hexagons for the body of the slipper. Make to more to create a boot effect!

Patrón hexagonal Granny Zapatilla Botas libre de ganchillo

Hexagon Boot Slipper Crochet Lots Of Free Patterns Video Tutorial