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a drawing of a person looking over a railing
Get your free Doodle Sheets here! - Artful Kids
the instructions for how to make paper lamps
Calm - Mindfulness Flash Cards for Kids: 40 Activities to Help you Learn to Live in the Moment | Mindfulness for kids, Therapy activities, Mindfulness activities
a woman teaching children how to do yoga
Superhero School Kids Yoga - Full of Joy Yoga Lessons
This class has evolved in the most incredibly fun way. I started off with a few superhero poses, and it ended up that we went to superhero school to learn to become superheroes. The kids have been LOVING it. I even had a teacher text me this later in the day- “Just wanted you to know that the superhero yoga this morning had a profound affect on my day. On my break I witnessed a car accident and then put out a fire at starbucks.” Superhero School for Yogis Lesson I start by telling the kids ...
a group of people doing yoga in a room with the words super hero yoga lesson plan
Superhero Kids Yoga Lesson Plan | Kids Yoga Stories
Superhero Yoga Lesson Plan for kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Beach Ball Yoga Pass
a woman and two small children on yoga mats
the cover of how to practice yoga games with large groups of kids
Yoga Games for Large Group of Kids
How to Do Yoga Games with Large Groups of Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
a group of children sitting on the floor with their hands to their ears and looking at pictures
24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens
a group of children sitting on the floor playing with a beach ball in a gym
Beach Ball Yoga Game for Kids
a group of children sitting on yoga mats with their arms around each other in a circle
Sangha circle hug
a group of children sitting on the floor with frisbees
a group of children laying on yoga mats in a room