Evil queens are the princesses that were never saved. Very true for this movie! The beginning was so sad! But I loved the movie overall.

Diamond embroidery craft decoration cartoon figure diamond painting cross stitch snow white picture of the diamond mosaic girl

Awesome looking, I'll have to do this one day.

Bowls made of confetti! Great recycling art project--save all those leftover paper scraps (put in small bowls at each table). Collect a bunch and have the kids cut them up; Then make bowls made from confetti.

Blanca nieves película de 1937

One day this Be Me And You My Love I ❤️You Ashlyn Nicole Howard-Bellah! Your My Snow White Princess and IM Your Prince Charming and Together One day We Will Be Able to Live Happily Ever After!

Rustic Glam Snow White Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas : Mirror Sweets Favours

Rustic meets glam in this magical Snow White Birthday celebration. What a fun and fabulous party it was to plan and truly believe I had it planned in my head years ago. Since I couldn’t take the c.