César Carlos

César Carlos

Uma frase de sabedoria me define: "A sabedoria vem de escutar; de falar vem o arrependimento".
César Carlos
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Pura belleza!!!❤

A "Foxy" Feline"! ● Here is one majestic Norwegian forest cat, perched on a tree stump and seemingly playing the role of a guardian of his patch of woods.

Tutankhamon tinha um punhal feito com ferro que veio do espaço

Precious Dagger of Tutankhamun Found to be of Meteoric Origin ancientorigins: “ In an exciting new find, a team of researchers have confirmed that the iron in one of the daggers found in the tomb of.

Funny pictures about The Savannah cat. Oh, and cool pics about The Savannah cat. Also, The Savannah cat.

O Máscara =!^^=

**[Alley cat of the late forties.Penned the song "Cat Scratch Fever" after slaughtering a small army of 18 door knocking Jehovahs Witnesses in one bloody evening.


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Parente do meu gato Morde *__*

He told me he hopes next time he doesn't forget his galoshes.…His feet are freezing .