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Submarine (2010)

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Adaptation of Submarine by Joe Dunthorne by Richard Ayoade: My new favourite film. I think I like it even more than Rushmore.

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Oliver Tate: This is the moment where you leave him and come with me. Jordana Bevan: Is it? Oliver Tate: Yeah, are you coming? Jordana Bevan: No.

Submarine (2010) There's something oddly good about this movie, I've been watching it almost every fall!

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Submarine gif. Just watched this movie the other night and got worried by how much I identify with Oliver.

Submarine - everything's fine between Oliver and Jordana scene (can't wait to watch this and see what it is about)

"Tomorrow I'll be stronger, running colourful. And I'm quite alright hiding tonight." - Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige in Richard Ayoade's "Submarine",