Cremildo De Souza Paula

Cremildo De Souza Paula

Cremildo De Souza Paula
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Poor Shufai was caught in the cross fire when hunters killed his mother. This picture shows the sanctuary boss    holding him while he falls asleep after recovering from an operation .:

Shufai was a baby when hunters left his arm peppered with gunshots,the injured youngster was rescued & taken to a sanctuary where, with love & patience, his emotional wounds began to heal. In this pic he falls asleep in arms of sanctuary boss.


chimp cradling a human baby. Adorable as this picture is, I can't help but think of the woman whose face & hands were ripped off by a chimp attack. Maybe not so adorable.

Amor de Mãe!! Lindo!

Only the fifth set of mountain gorilla twins ever to be reported in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. The mountain gorilla is officially listed as critically endangered. This image by Diana Rebman was in the running for the 2013 Gerald Durrell Award for E

Fala tudo com os olhos.

Diego and Leah, two Goeldi monkeys at the Saskatoon Zoo and Forestry Farm, are parents to a baby girl. Shortly after Ashley’s mother and the two other monkeys were killed , a unit was sent ou…