Jack's share ,我们一直专注于游戏UI外包和培训行业。欢迎关注!免费游戏UI学习群Q:425869838

Jack's share ,我们一直专注于游戏UI外包和培训行业。欢迎关注!免费游戏UI学习群Q:425869838

Cory Loftis: mais artes do game Wildstar | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

coryloftis: Since I’ve been playing Wildstar so much here lately, I thought I’d celebrate with a little concept art dump! Some of the many random things I drew during my time at Carbine. Also I’m sure Andy Cotnam, Mindy Lee, or Johnson Truong probably


some concepts and some final works on Mojow Locow,a game of Owlient/Ubisoft on free to play.But this web game is closed

Prowler Apartment Sunset by DanielAraya

So last year while jobless, I decided I really wanted to do a Miles Morales animated short.

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