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an image of people standing in front of a wall with graffiti on it and writing on the walls
Robin Rile Fine Art Gallery & Advisory
The Wailing Wall, Yerushalayim - Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989) Aaliyah: Le Mur des Lamentations (The Wailing Wall) #DALI #Jewish Culture
a painting of an ornate vase and fruit on a table with buildings in the background
Oxana Zaika (France), Artiste Peintre Contemporain | Artmajeur
NATURE MORTE//Roch Hachana
a circular painting with many different images in the center, including an image of a castle
The Twelve Tribes around Jerusalem by Bracha Lavee
an abstract painting with birds flying in the sky
Galerie hébraïque 7
Shinta S. Zenker - Aleph, prince de la création
the painting is colorful and has many different colors on it, including blue, pink, purple
The Kotel
a painting of a man holding a banana in his right hand and looking up at the sky
Judaic Art Oil Paintings with Free Shipping at Fraction of the Price!
Sound the alarm Israel in danger Ismael the Arabs are coming push the cancer Christian out of Israel idolatry is coming forget the peace king David is here
an image of a painting on the wall
Ron Cohen
an artistic painting with two red candles in the center and colorful swirls around it
Shabbat-Lights-Karin Foreman
an abstract cityscape with the word jernalien written in orange and blue
HQ Photo - Art
an ink drawing of a city with buildings and a dome on the top of it
Sketchbook: a year in Jerusalem
Sketchbook: a year in Jerusalem on Behance