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Arts & Crafts -  Artista : John Henry Dearle | The Owl - 1895  Possui características claras do Arts & Crafts.Feito manualmente, utilizando formas da natureza, como folhas, flores, caules e claro, a coruja. Possuindo também repetição e ideia de algo perfeito e simétrico.


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the sun tarot card with flowers and clouds
an image of flowers and stars on a black background
an image of some people doing different things in the shape of hands and feet,
Yoga Bundle
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on the surface, including leopards
the inside of a yellow and white umbrella with an intricate design on it's side
an abstract background with wavy lines in shades of pink, blue, and teal
Brighten Your Day Digital - Colour Palette Love
many white umbrellas are lined up against the blue sky
an art deco wallpaper with green and white fan design
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an image of some colorful cats on a black background
an orange and black tiger pattern on a blue background
Tiger Repeat Print
an abstract blue and white pattern on fabric
the sun and moon are depicted in this hand drawn illustration
Magic Banner for Astrology, Tarot, Boho Design. Universe Art, Crescent Moon and Sun on a Blue Background Stock Vector - Illustration of card, mystical: 198798964