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Cecília Roque
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Bolo em referência ao seriado Friends ... Show de bolo!!!

FRIENDS TV Show! I don't like the "My sandwich" with the sandwich on too though should've been the orange couch or something more want this as my birthday cake

cozy bed with twine orbs above. You could add lights inside too. Battery operated ones!

Hang a curtain rod draped with sheer curtains (or fabric) at headboard height, behind the bed, then add some white holiday lights behind the fabric and across the rod.--- maybe just a string of lights over the headboard :)

Isso eu chamo de cama pq n deixar ela bonita

Beautiful DIY room decorations- bottom right bedroom is great!


Home office/desk organization inspiration! I want some of those acrylic organizers, and pretty wrapping paper for underneath. do that in kitchen drawers, too! IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk


Would like to do this to a bookcase.diy-dresser-makeover-idea-before-after-mod-podge-decoupage-wall-paper-easy-craft-project-chest-drawers-side-table-bed-room-paint-home-improvement.

-Full length mirror -Wooden crate -Vase w/ flowers -Candle

great idea to elevate the mirror

FRIENDS TV SHOW Set of 6 Hand-Painted Acrylic by RubySongbird13 http://ibeebz.com

Set of 6 Hand-Painted Acrylic Canvases - Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel…

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The Willow Dreamcatcher // doily dreamcatcher // boho dreamcatcher // tatting // bohemian wall hanging // dried flowers // gallery wall //

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Homemade tassel string braided every other

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Except I have a black and white fishy syran pinned up as a headboard with fairy lights!