Mark and Jackson being Markson. Lol | I like that Mark is afraid before then smiling after. He's like oh no . . . Oh okay

Mark and Jackson being Markson - fuck, Mark has gorgeous hands.

GOT7 | Mark <3 Junior - If You Do (Junior's eyes never swayed)

Jinyoung getting dominant with Mark gif - whatever the context, it's sexy beyond words. Mark doin his seductive move, Jinyoung not having it.

imagine got7 - Minha primeira vez-imagine mark - Wattpad

imagine got7 - Minha primeira vez-imagine mark

Read Minha primeira vez-imagine mark from the story imagine by AnandahOliveiraZn (Shawol and lavely) with reads.

nem beijei a tela do celular!, imagina que horrível gente..., eu fazer umas coisas dessas? jamais ks!

This is just a random book with cute, sexy, and weird kpop gifs.