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Holly Golightly

One of my favorite scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany's. She takes the phone out of her suitcase. She keeps it there to muffle the sound.

✿⊱❥ A delicadeza das rosas

This inspires me because pink is a beautiful color. The color pink reflects a lovely or happy mood.

Keanu Reeves - This Speed demon will take you from zero to 'Hell Yes!' in no time.

Men Star - Famous, Hot, Sexy and Gorgeous Celebrity Men Keanu reeves Still beautiful

Bolo de bolacha com chocolate

O Bolo de bolacha é simplesmente o meu bolo preferido. Adoro a sua frescura.a sua textura.o facto que é crocante e ao mesmo.

Keanu Reeves is so great. Just from the look he 'gives you', you can interpret that he is: strong, caring, mysterious, looking you over as if he were looking for something inside you, and he could penetrate through your soul. but not with a stare that scares you, but a stare that you could fall in love with.

Who is Keanu Charles Reeves? The entertainment and acting world know Keanu Reeves as a Canadian actor. Reeves is perhaps best known for his.

Keanu Reeves.  Wonderful in Speed and The Lake House!

Questions for Keanu: When you were just a young pup, did you ever imagine that you would spend so much time wearing tuxedos?

Richard Geer - An officer and a gentleman - good movie!

Richard Gere 'An Officer and A Gentleman'. of my top 3 Richard films). How could you not fall in love with Richard in Navy whites. Not sure how American dress uniforms work, but I imagine this would be a No.

"E quando você reconhece que chegou  a hora de mudar os planos, tentar não  cometer mais enganos, partir e não  olhar para trás, ...

"E quando você reconhece que chegou a hora de mudar os planos, tentar não cometer mais enganos, partir e não olhar para trás, ...