Tetris, social housing and artist studios by Moussafir Architectes.

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OBR Open Building Research  Genova | Since 2000  Milanofiori Residential Complex

Milanofiori Residential Complex

Metal-clad housing featuring flush detailing and boxy balconies.

Metal-clad housing by Joliark features boxy balconies

Built by Joliark in Stockholm, Sweden with date Images by Joliark/Torjus Dahl. Having nourished an unfulfilled dream of his own doll’s house since boyhood, Per Johanson of Joliark has finally seen.

Tabanlioglu Architects — Dogan Media Center — Image 7 of 16 — Europaconcorsi

DMC is planned to be a distinctive media figure, housing Turkey’s leading media group Dogan’s TV channels and newspapers. The main form of the building is planned to be a cube in respect to the square site; yet starting on the surface, the st.