Tania Mara Cestari Ravedutti

Tania Mara Cestari Ravedutti

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Gorgeous honeycomb storage basket sewing pattern. Not for beginners, but well worth the effort to sew this great craft basket.

Escapulário de porta,feito pela cacau artes.Ceará

Gallery.ru / Photo # 2 - The oval box. - Los-ku-tik

Caixa oval

carimbos artesanais - Pesquisa Google

Gostinho Bom: Pintura decorativa - Urso com violino

Gostinho Bom: Pintura decorativa - Urso com violoncelo

HOW TO: Building a Gallery Wall. 1. Choose larger pieces as anchors. 2. Choose a color scheme. 3. Play with scale - vary the size and orientation of the art. 4. Keep at least 1.5" - 3" between each piece. 5. Allow at least 6" between the couch and the first frame. 6. Use 2 to 3 styles of frames. 7. Use different mediums of art - photography, art prints, gift wrap, decorative objects, etc.