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a gold necklace with a white stone hanging from it's center, on a gray surface
Jewerly Wire Necklace Beads 34 Ideas
a round mirror with black spikes on the bottom and gold trimmings around it
Mirror Image Ebony & Gold Leaf Starburst Mirror
the pattern is made up of small black dots on white paper, which have been drawn in
a hand holding a yellow and black nail polish
Jewelry Makers Library
a close up of a metal object with many holes in it
Polymer Clay Cyclopedia- Mica Shift Projects
a glass bottle sitting on top of a table next to a corkscrew mat
Tonja's Treasures Tutorial Mica Shift Basketweave
a glass and metal object hanging from a tree
Agate Geode Pendant 1 Sunlit by MandarinMoon on DeviantArt
Polymer Clay Pendant, Clay Necklace, Labradorite Pendant, Polymer Jewelry
Labradorite Pendant
a person holding a piece of art that is shaped like a woman's face