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Breaking Bad - Publicity still of Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad

I've been binge watching this all weekend with "my person"! This scene made me cry!

Aaron Paul. Can't stop obsessing over this one.

Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Fave character on the show!

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Intense characters and show. Will miss these two.

Let’s face facts…Breaking Bad is easily one of the best TV shows ever. Starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad was part of the golden age of AMC, airin…

I love this drawing style.

Heisenberg Breaking Bad Original Drawing by Luke Dixon available at The BearHug Company

aaron paul (jesse from breaking bad)

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad) is without a doubt one of my favorite actors.

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Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. While I wouldn't ever be able to date a drug addict, or a dealer, Aaron Paul's portrayal of Jesse is remarkable. Tough but sweet. Oh Jesse I love you.

rafepringle: Breaking Bad (2013)

In case you hadn't gotten enough 'Breaking Bad,' Bryan Cranston is writing a memoir about his life as Walter White.

The 32 Best Aaron Paul Faces Of 2014

The 32 Best Aaron Paul Faces Of 2014