The Green Atrium That Defines the VAT83 Building, by PLH studio, Søborg, Copenhagen.

The water is nice, but I'm not sure about those bench-cubicles. (The Green Atrium That Defines the Building, by PLH studio, Søborg, Copenhagen)

Friedberg's Jacob Riis Plaza

The large open spaces between the blocks were poorly laid out, with little consideration of the residents' needs. Paul Friedberg redesigned separated the space into human scaled areas using pergolas, terraces and mounds

Teikyo Heisei University Nakano, Tokyo. Click image for full profile and visit the boards >>

Teikyo Heisei University in Nakano ,Tokyo ,Japan has a square area is designed to look like a chess board.

Cigler Marani Architects have designed an innovative and fun play space for employees of an office complex in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

(Pics) Cigler Marani Architects' Patchwork Park

Green landscaping patchwork in the park of a large office complex in Prague, Czech Republic by Cigler Marani Architects.

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Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc, South Campus, Torrance, CA. Click image for link to…

Steal This Look: Modern Townhouse Garden on a Budget : Remodelista

Steal This Look: Modern Brooklyn Backyard on a Budget

Carroll Gardens by Foras Studio The plants in the square beds are Boxwood clipped into balls, Solomon’s seal, Russian sage, Mexican feather grass, and hydrangeas.

London plane trees with exfoliating bark surrounded by boxwood (what variation, I’m not sure).

London plane trees with exfoliating bark surrounded by boxwood (what variation, I’m not sure).

Madách square, student competition 2012 / Studio Nomad - 谷德设计网

The Madách Square is situated in the center of Budapest, and now used as a parking area. Studio Nomad`s proposal was designed for a student competition.

Plaza de Dalí -Madrid

Plaza de Dali, designed by architect Francisco Mangado. Center of Madrid city. I assume illustrator and autocad were used to create design. I love this design because if the simplicity of it and the mass and void phenomena.