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a circular mirror with plants in it on the wall
a spa room with an oval mirror above the bathtub and lights on the ceiling
Beauty Lounge Spa Design
the interior of a modern salon with chairs and an organ in the back drop off section
Beauty Lounge Spa Design
the inside of a building with plants and tables in it's center aisle, surrounded by tall white columns
Restaurant “Spring Feast” Chaohu
A styling area from a Bouthaina Beauty Barlocated in Saudi Arabiadesigned by hilight hilight_design interior interiordesign
Geometric Paper Home Decorations You Can Fold Yourself Without Killing Animals
a living room filled with furniture and white curtains
the front desk of an office with white and gray decor on it's walls
Lite Luxury Morandi Colors Wood Painting Reception Desk for Beauty Spa Store
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a fountain surrounded by trees
Check Out This Restoration Hardware Restaurant in Napa Valley
an elegant dining room with gold accents
two blue columns in the middle of a room
White garden restaurant and lounge in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Insignia Design Group
an elegant bar with marble counter tops and stools
Julian Tile - Intarsi Italian Tile
a living room filled with white furniture next to tall windows on the side of a building
Bright lounge with marble details, drenched in natural sunlight.
the entrance to a rest room with marble floors and walls
Gaga Chef Sophisticated Interior by Coordination Asia
the inside of a store with many different items on shelves and in front of mirrors
many different signs and numbers on the wall
Sagamore Pendry Baltimore - SEGD - Designers of Experiences
The renovated Sagamore Pendry Baltimore building opened as a world-class boutique hotel where guests experience the unique essence through a crafted storyline and thoughtful design choices.The interior design of Patrick Sutton had a large influence on the overall project ethos, concept and guest experience. Ashton Design built on this ethos with design decisions regarding typography, scale, materials and overall impact.
the front entrance to dali van plaza is clean and ready for us to use as an office
the entrance to a building with an arched glass door and gold trim on the side
Gallery of The Dry Salon / DSEN - 12
Gallery of The Dry Salon / DSEN - 12
an archway leading into a bathroom with white tile flooring and walls that have gold lettering on it