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CHAT.V✔ - Capítulo 10

Read Capítulo 10 from the story CHAT.V✔ by (jooheona) with reads. bts, chat, V: olha lembrou.

A esquerda nós vemos xiumin, a direita nós vemos xiumin. Incrível não? Este animal consegue se camuflar perfeitamente por debaixo da roupa.

i wish (also my bias list crisis is not good rn thanks to xiu stop him)<<< Xiumin with all your heart hes creepin in your heart babe /// This dang app knows my biases I only get Xiumin pics

This fandom needs help xD

This fandom needs help xD

Oh my butt~ Laughing so hard XD -Satansoo extremely judging you miss. | NOTE TO SELF, never do this.

Kyungsoo is ready to rid the world of these fashion terrorists. XD meme but oh well)

I know right Exo deserves to win,not Exo

Honestly I think exo should have won, but exo does have a bigger fandom than exo, so that's probably why exo won. Hopefully next time exo will win.

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Big Byung - Stress Come On (Suho Remix) allkpop Meme Center < this is so funny hahaha