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What are you doing out there in the world alone without Jesus?
Stop being a spiritual orphan. Stop being stubborn. What are you doing out there alone in this cold world when Jesus already loves you? Just embrace it
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101 downloads in one day
Our Podcast “The Daily Witness” is growing. We’ve seen downloads every day even when we’re not posting but yesterday we clocked over 101 downloads in one day. #podcast #gospel #christian #faith #TheDailyWitness
Together Forever Part 3
In this podcast episode we learn how God can see what we cannot see with regards to dating/marriage. So we need His eyes if we want the success He sees #podcast #podcasting
Together Forever - He sees what we cannot see - Part 3
In this podcast episode, you’ll see how we should allow God to lead us when choosing a partner because He sees what we’ll never see. #podcast #partner #spouse #marriage #marriageadvice #married #relationship #datingtips
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The Daily Witness Podcast
Catch The Daily Witness Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube Music. Subscribe today and take your faith to the next level. Remember; faith comes by hearing, so keep on hearing #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #gospel #faith
New Podcast Episode
Together Forever is a series to help stir up the hope in you that you can have a lasting relationship without the fear of failure. Find “The Daily Witness” on Apple Podcast, YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. #couplestyle #marriage #married #marriageadvice
Clay in a marriage
This excerpt comes from@our video “The Good Marriage” where Meagan explains how two different colour clays come together to make one colour #marriage #marriageadvice #married
Why marriages fail
People try do marriage without God when He instituted the marriage. His design for marriage was for it to be a success.