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some black cats with different expressions on their faces and body, all looking at the same direction
a red poster with the words is that higher - order ask really higher order?
Is That Higher-Order Task Really Higher Order?
Ask any group of teachers if their goal is to simply have students regurgitate facts, and every one of them will say no. Despite that, it keeps happening. | Cult of Pedagogy
a young boy sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer with the words problem solve
Word Problem Task Cards with Digital Options
Check out this blog post full of reasons why we need to teach problem solving and provide students with word problems every single day. Learn where our math series might come up short and learn problem solving strategies you can apply immediately to help your students learn to make sense of problems.
Cape Cod : Aurora at Pochet Marsh | acrylic painting food
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Cape Cod : Aurora at Pochet Marsh
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