Heniz Hot Ketchup ad: "I LOVE this ad. Unlike with many, many other overdone ads where “hot” is the reason to buy, this one shows only a slightly exaggerated scenario, and so is much more powerful. It reminds me of the great Mad Men print ads of the

Innocence in Danger

Innocence in Danger Campaign by Herezie, Paris, France. Client: Innocence in Danger. Sexual predators can hide in your child's smartphone.

XMAS Volkswagen Christmas Card by Chris Moore.

Don't Click ➤ 16 Creative CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Design DIY Volkswagen Christmas Card for your friends with VW Cars. Yes, isn't this creative? The logo

say no to anorexia

Powerful anti-anorexia ad campaign tells women 'you are not a sketch' using models with fashion illustration proportions


The ORPHEA Billboard Trap is one of our top 5 most successful and unique marketing campaigns!

papel chocolate

Ice Cream Poster - Fantastic, double printed, posters designed for ice cream Kibon, by the designer Renata El Dib. Posters represents reminds one side of the texture of an ice cream and the other one to the ice cream cone.


Haunting Blend of Major Historical Events with the Present

History Channel Worldwide Brand Campaign, “Know Where You Stand” - Paris. By Seth Taras

mc donalds/marquito

McDonald's Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil Advert


Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): The Hidden Pain, Im Fine / Save Me. I like this idea for a tattoo. It reminds of the hidden fight of depression. If I got this then I would put it where everyone read "Im fine." And only I can see "Save Me"