“Longing hearts could only stand so much longing.”
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the legs of a woman in white dress standing on a wooden floor with her feet up
Imagem de aesthetic, anne of green gables, and anne | Photography inspiration, Picnic at hanging rock, Style inspiration
a small deer standing on top of a rug in front of a wooden cabinet and door
an image of white lace fabric on a bed
1880s Embroidered Wool Infant Petticoat - Etsy
a flower that is laying on some paper
two women in white dresses are holding hands over each other's shoulders and covering their faces
The Way Home
an ornate staircase with chandelier and marble flooring in front of a large window
Petit Trianon
an ornate design on the side of a wall
a painting of a woman laying down with her eyes closed
{ soul space }
three golden candlesticks sitting next to each other on top of a marble table
Welcome to the brand new Wedding Sparrow site - rebrand
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and windows
Welcome to the brand new Wedding Sparrow site - rebrand
a stack of white and gold plates stacked on top of each other
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