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a man sitting in front of a pile of clothes with the caption that reads,
a man in glasses writing on a whiteboard with the words as you can see, the more you tuck around the more you find out
a small toy rabbit with a pink ribbon around its neck
a small dog sitting in front of a white background with the caption'yo piesso que este calores puo marketing para la compra una cocoa cola
Y bien fría
a white and gray cat sitting on top of a couch with the caption'no puelo toy inflamado '
two men in yellow jackets are standing on the sidewalk and one man is holding his hand out
a dishwasher filled with lots of white dishes
two women sitting at a table drinking wine and one woman is holding a glass in her hand
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an old man sitting at a table with a book and pen in his hand, next to a cross
a dog laying on top of a bed covered in blue sheets with the caption ya me voy a dormir