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three bottles of lavender essential oil sitting next to each other
Calm the Senses with 100% Natural Lavender Room Mist
100% Natural Lavender Room and Linen Mist. Helps aid sleep, reduce stress and improve mood. Made with pure essential lavender oil distilled in France. Comes with free shipping + Gift Wrap option available.
Oil Blend, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Sleep Spray, Spray, Linen Spray, Mists, Diy Aromatherapy
Made by Coopers Calm Atmosphere Mist, Room Spray, Handcrafted with 5 Essential Oils, Relaxing Air Freshener, Linen & Pillow Spray, Therapeutic Air Fresheners for Home Relaxation/Sleep Aid, 100 ml
an empty bottle in a cardboard box on a white background
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