cute wedding favor.

Cute sticker to put on bottom of hershey kiss for a wedding: a heart full of love, a life full of kisses, now __ and __ are mr and mrs (cute idea)

Find all your wedding needs at Wedding planning can be extremely exciting if you know how to plan a wedding. If you don't, has tons of planning ideas and advice

Bride and groom pretzel sticks - dip in white chocolate for both: for bride, criss-cross with chocolate and then sprinkle; for groom, dip in dark chocolate at an angle and decorate

paper cones

Holiday Clip-Art Crafts

Gifts from the kitchen idea. Or use these cones to wrap small non-food gifts as well. Click through to the Martha Stewart Gingerbread Caramel candy recipe to also click through to see the easy DIY how to folding for these cones.


Panettone Favors Send shower guests home with a homemade treat such as these miniature panettones, sweet breads made with dried fruit and citrus zest. A large panettone mold is normally used, but we.


PHOTO: ANITA CALERO Calligraphy Cone Favors The final touches for a gilded theme: Victorian-style paper cones stuffed with wrapped chocolates. Get the Calligraphy Cones Template and How-To

So cute...Good idea. A Kiss

Photo kisses: such a cute wedding favor idea! Take Hershey's kisses and add laser-printed stickers of your fave photo.