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Anthurium (Flamingo Flower / Painter's Palette) Guide

Flamingo Flower and Painter's Palette are two Anthurium species that are grown as houseplants. Dark green leaves and long lasting flowers, usually in red, combined with its exotic looking appearance result in an attractive indoor plant

Anthurium Sweetheart Pink Photo - Royalty Free Anthurium Stock Image HPA2336.jpg

Anthurium Sweetheart Pink Photo. Anthurium 'Sweetheart Pink', one of the many cultivated forms, usually hybrids or cultivars of the flamingo flower (Anthurium andraeanum), an epiphytic evergreen perennial native to Colombia and Ecuador. More Anthurium Photos. Araceae HPA2336.jpg

Anthurium Not Flowering? 7 Ways To Make It Bloom - Smart Garden Guide

7 ways to make your Flamingo Flower bloom. If your Anthurium is not flowering, you can follow these simple steps to have a beautiful blooming plant again.

Anthurium purple

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Anthurium: 5 regole per non sbagliare cure e concimazione - Cose di Casa

Pianta d’appartamento per eccellenza, è presente da anni sul mercato senza cedimenti. I motivi sono tre: la bellezza del fiore, la durata della fioritura e la longevità della pianta.