A very nice poster.

It has a great tranquil, soft beauty. I love the simple black & white color scheme. I especially love how the only thing black are the tree branches,so with the white fill of the A & the white background, it's creating great negative space.

A three-dimensional beauty of a design | Andrew Pfund | Wasteland, 180 South, Out There (film festival poster series)

This is a nice magazine layout idea because the text is clear, but still interesting in the idea that it is bold but they managed to hide it so it doesn't take all the attention away from the image.


Am Fleischmarkt 1 - corporate & web design by moodley brand identity , via Behance really like this layout!

Sari Business Proposal

Sari Business Proposal

Sari Business Proposal by sehatco Help File is include in package If you have any question, please post in comment section 1 InDD file 14 Pages CMYK Color Print

Meat & Bread - Glasfurd & Walker : Concept / Graphic Design / Art Direction : Vancouver, BC

Identity and brand design for Gastown's Meat & Bread. / restaurant / food / logo / black and white / illustration / geometric / animals / design by Glasfurd & Walker / packaging